Fully Funded PhD Programs in Public Health

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University of Michigan Fully Funded PhD in Education
The University of Michigan offers a fully funded PhD program in Public Health.

Last updated February 20, 2020

Next in my series on How To Fully Fund Your PhD, I provide a list below of PhD programs in Public Health that offer full funding to all admitted doctoral students.

Although there are many competitive, external fellowships in the ProFellow database for graduate and doctoral study, the best approach to funding your doctoral studies is to seek out PhD programs that offer full funding to all admitted students. When a doctoral program indicates that they provide “full funding” to their PhD students, in most cases this means they provide students full tuition and an annual stipend for living expenses for the three to six-year duration of the student’s doctoral studies. Not all universities provide full funding to their doctoral students, which is why I recommend researching the financial aid offerings of all the potential PhD programs in your academic field, including small and lesser-known schools both in the U.S. and abroad.

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Below is a list of universities that offer full funding to all of the admitted students to their PhD programs in Public Health:

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Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health (New York, NY): All PhD students receive full tuition, a stipend, and health insurance coverage. The amount of the stipend is set by Columbia University. Support is provided throughout the entire five years the student is in the program.

Harvard University, School of Public Health (Cambridge, MA): All admitted students to the PhD Program in Biological Sciences in Public Health, including international students, are guaranteed full funding, which includes a stipend, as well as tuition and health insurance.

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health (Indianapolis, IN): For full-time students only, the program will typically provide funding support in the form of tuition remission, a stipend to cover living expenses, and health insurance. This support typically requires a 20 hour per week work assignment.

University of Michigan, School of Public Health, Health Services Organization and Policy (H.S.O.P.) Program (Ann Arbor, MI): Funding directly through the H.S.O.P. doctoral program is available, and there are also many funding opportunities for Ph.D. students with the Rackham Graduate School and throughout the university. The majority of our Ph.D. students have one (or more) of these funding packages, and nearly all of our students have full funding throughout the course of their Ph.D. career.

University of Toronto, Dalla Lana School of Public Health (Toronto, Canada): The University of Toronto has committed to a guaranteed minimum level of financial support to all its eligible, full-time doctoral stream students in the funded cohort, equivalent to $15,000 per year plus tuition for the first 5 years of study.

Yale University, School of Public Health (New Haven, CT): All admitted PhD students are guaranteed four years of 12-month stipend and tuition support. In addition to grants and fellowships for tuition and living costs, students receive a Health Award, which covers the full cost of single-student Yale Health Plan Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage.

For application tips on applying to a PhD program, see How To Get Into a Fully Funded PhD Program: Contacting Potential PhD Advisors.

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