ProFellow’s Best Content of 2020: Sharing Funding for Social Justice, Graduate Study and Community Service

Dec 31, 2020

Dr. Vicki Johnson, ProFellow

By ProFellow Founder, Dr. Vicki Johnson

Dear ProFellow readers,

It’s been a very challenging year, but I’m pleased to share a few bright spots from this year. ProFellow’s social mission is to share the abundance of funding opportunities for emerging and mid-career leaders, scholars and graduate students globally. This year in particular we focused our content on opportunities for minorities and fellowships in social justice, stories of fellows from underrepresented groups, and fully funded PhD and master’s programs. It’s my privilege to share with you our very best and most popular content of 2020! 

Starting with:

The Top 10 Fellowships of 2020: ProFellow’s member base now tops 157,000 database users! This Top 10 list highlights the most popular fellowships of 2020 based on the number of times they’ve been favorited by our users. Congrats to those who made the list!

The 10 Trendiest Fellowships of 2020: By comparing the total number of new favorites by our users in 2019 to that of 2020, we also identified the top 10 trendiest programs this year. Congrats to those who made the list!

Top 10 Summer Fellowships of 2021 (there’s still time to apply!): This year’s list shines a spotlight on summer fellowships that are actively recruiting students and professionals of color and other underrepresented groups such as veterans, immigrants and first-generation college students. 

We also produced some new resources:

Fully Funded course and mentorship program: This year, I opened enrollment for my new in-depth online course and mentorship program for graduate school and fellowship applications, which teaches you how to find fully funded master’s and PhD programs in your discipline and my award-winning application strategies for personal statements, research proposals, CV development and more. Stay tuned – enrollment will be open again in January! 

Get your copy of the free Directory of Fully Funded Graduate Programs and Full Funding Awards! Discover more than 500 fully funded PhD and Master’s programs, as well as full funding awards and fellowships for graduate schools, across more than 40 disciplines! Register to get a copy of the 55-page PDF Directory. 

*New* The 2020 Fellowship Industry Report: This year, ProFellow, in partnership with IREX, conducted a survey and analysis of fellowship programs to identify trends in the industry and collect promising approaches to impact evaluation and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). The Fellowship Industry Report summarizes our findings and presents several calls to action for the fellowships industry. Get your copy (full announcement and more details coming soon)!

Finally, here’s our most popular content of 2020, in case you missed it!


Tips articles:

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Pay for Graduate School Out of Pocket

How to Get Accepted to a Fully Funded Graduate Program: Express Your Potential


Fully funded graduate program lists:

Fully Funded PhD Programs in Political Science

Fully Funded PhD Programs in Criminal Justice & Criminology

Fully Funded PhD Programs in African American and Africana Studies

Fully Funded PhD Programs in Philosophy

Fully Funded PhD Programs in Mechanical Engineering

Fully Funded Master’s Programs in Psychology


Fellowship lists:

28 Fellowships Looking for Applicants From Underrepresented Minorities

New 2021-2022 Fulbright U.S. Student Program Awards for Students and Young Professionals

30 Social Justice Fellowships in Law and Advocacy for Students and Professionals

17 Professional Fellowships in Healthcare and Public Health

27 Professional and Summer Fellowships to Gain Your First Research Experience


Our most popular interviews with Fellows:

A Professional Development Program for International Leaders: The Community Solutions Program (2,035 views!)

A Funded Master’s Degree in China: The Schwarzman Scholars Experience (1,262 views)

A Virtual Urban Leaders Fellowship Experience (1,222 views)

The USAID Donald M. Payne International Development Fellowship: Application and Interview Tips for Aspiring Foreign Service Officers (1,108 views)

A Summer Program in Social Justice: The Forge Fellowship Experience (1,058 views)


We hope that 2021 will be a year of healing, service and abundance. Thank you for reading and sharing our content and being a part of our unique community!

Warm regards,


Dr. Vicki Johnson
Founder & Director, ProFellow

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